The LMU & MPG Open Science Summer School 2024 is organised by the LMU Open Science Center (OSC) and the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL).

This intensive 5-day Open Science Summer School provides early career researchers with the knowledge and skills to make their research more transparent, reproducible and credible in the eyes of their peers, the public and funding agencies.

By joining (or accessing the material after the school), you will learn how to:

  • clarify your research design and set up your statistical plans in advance of collecting data to prevent biases in analyses, with the help of preregistration and data simulation;
  • create computationally reproducible workflows so you can be more efficient and spot mistakes in data wrangling or analyses, through programming with version controlled scripts;
  • prepare, manage and share data and code in connection with your articles by applying the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable principles, and using adequate repositories and licenses.

Increase the impact of your research and secure the acknowledgement of your and others contributions by opening your research practices!

Find here the complete programme.

To attend the whole Summer School, i.e. both public lectures and workshops for selected applicants, in person or online, you must apply before 15 July 2024, 12:00 noon CEST.

Find out more about the application.

Anyone can register at any time before the end of the Summer School to attend one, multiple, or all public lectures online.

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The Summer School is financed by the Max Planck Digital Library.


All public lectures (dark blue) and the panel discussion (orange) will be streamed online and are open to all who register.

Find here an overview of the public lecture contents and speakers.

The hands-on workshops (light blue) and the networking opportunities (green) will be limited to the selected attendees of the Summer School.

Find here an overview of the workshop contents and instructors.

Monday 09.09.24

  • Arrival & Logistics

  • Introduction

  • Replicability crisis

  • Lunch

  • Hybrid get to know

  • Break

  • Credible Research

  • Preregistration

Tuesday 10.09.24

  • Open Access

  • Break

  • Science as amateur software developement

  • Lunch

  • Introduction to R / Python

  • Break

  • Assessing research replicability

Wednesday 11.09.24

  • Git in R Studio / JupyterLabs

  • Break

  • Git in R Studio / JupyterLabs

  • Lunch

  • Data sharing

  • FAIR Research Data Management

  • Break

  • Philosophy of open science

Thursday 12.09.24

  • Acknowledgement of contributions

  • Break

  • Simulations in R

  • Lunch

  • Quarto

  • Break

  • Open Science Framework

  • Break

  • Mingle & thematic exchange

  • Dinner


Friday 13.09.24

  • Clean Code

  • Clean Code

  • Break

  • Code Publishing

  • Lunch

  • Panel discussion "Open Science incentives and institutional change"

  • Break

  • Q&A

  • What's next?