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Do you have general or specific questions regarding Open Science? As an MPDL service, we offer researchers of the Max Planck Society our support in all areas of Open Science. Write us an Email and we will connect you with the best person to answer your questions.


MPG.PuRe is the institutional publication repository of the Max Planck Society. The Max Planck Institutes use this application to make bibliographic data of their academic publications (title, author, publisher, etc.) accessible to the public. In addition, it supports Green Open Access and provides the possibility to upload full-texts or supplementary material (e.g. PDF, Excel).

The content is managed by the individual Max Planck Institutes. If you need help in identifying the responsible MPG.PuRe person at your institute you can reach out to the MPG.PuRe support team.

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Open Source Funding

Open Access Publishing

Are you ready to go Open Access? The aim of the MPDL is to make Open Access publishing as easy as possible for Max Planck authors. Therefore, the MPDL has negotiated terms and conditions for many journals, where Max Planck authors can publish Open Access at no cost to them. MPDL also supports you in publishing your book in Open Access. Benefit from central funding and increase the visibility and impact of your work!

The MPDL website provides an overview of the Max Planck wide arrangements by which Open Access article charges (APCs) are covered or reduced. You can search for specific journals and find a list of the exact criteria that apply for each publisher. If you have questions about whether you can publish your work Open Access for free in certain journals, do get in touch.