Open Science @ Max Planck Society!


  • Open Science Days 2024

    Open Science Days 2024

    Slides now available! January 29/30, Berlin. The Open Science Days are directed at researchers and specialists from inside and especially from outside the Max Planck Society who are interested in an interdisciplinary communication about Open Science. read more

  • OSA Follow-up

    OSA Follow-up

    The PhD-Net Open Science Working Group warmly invites all Open Science Ambassadors and those who would like to know more about the program to a digital follow-up meeting, which will take place on the 17th of January 15:00-17:00. read more

  • Approaching 100% Coverage for Open Access Publishing

    Approaching 100% Coverage for Open Access Publishing

    The ever-growing adoption of Open Access (OA) publishing has revolutionized the traditional dissemination of scholarly research. The MPDL has employed a variety of approaches to provide open access to the Society’s research and its outcomes. read more

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Open Science Facets


Open Access

Open Access (OA) stands for unrestricted and free of cost online access to scholarly research. The term “open access”…


Open Research Data

The phrase “open research data” is used to describe data, which is considered open in some capacity. It can be either the foundation…


Linked Open Data

Linked open data is closely connected to the idea of open research data. However, it extends the idea of freely accessible data…


Open Source

Open Source is a facet of Open Science that combines different movements that are all concerned with the accessible provision of source materials. This includes…


Open Process

Methods that improve the credibility, transparency and replicability of scientific research can be grouped under the Open Process facet. While these three pillars…


Open Review

Open Review is an umbrella term for a variety of methods that intend to open the process of (peer) review, which is the traditional way to assure quality in science. Drafted journal articles…


Open Education

The openness movement within education intends to remove barriers to institution-based learning through a better access to participation and recognition. The first collection…


Citizen Science

Citizen Science refers to the growing involvement of amateur or non-professional scientists in the research process. In some research fields…