About Us

Open Science in Practice is an initiative by the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL). Our aim is to showcase the current activities and events regarding Open Science within the MPG as well as to provide our MPG colleagues and the general public with information about a broad range of topics concerning Open Science. These topics are defined in out Open Science Facets section. The initiative started with a Talk Series in 2021 and we intend to provide more possibilities for an exchange of ideas and concerns. Creating a Network of Open Science enthusiast throughout the MPG.


Do you have questions about Open Science in general or the Open Science in Practice website? Then reach out to our team at the MPDL. We can connect you with the most suitable person to help you further.

Open Science Team Members:

Stefanie Andergassen (Email)

Martin Boosen (Email)

Michael Franke (Email)

Catherina Hofmann (Email)

Larissa Leiminger (Email)

David Walter (Email)