Open Science Ambassadors Meeting 2023

19.-20. September 2023

After two years the Harnack House welcomed this years Open Science Ambassadors again in person. During two days 42 representatives from 35 different Max Planck Institutes came together to learn about current developments within Open Science and discuss the state of Open Science within the Max Planck Society. A special thank you goes to the MPG president Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer, who personally addressed the Ambassadors and answered their questions.

Are you curious about the events’ contents? You can find the slides of the experts’ talks and workshops here:

Fereshteh Rafieian (UNESCO): “UNESCO recommendation on Open Science

Paola Masuzzo (IGDORE): “Rewriting science and its purpose: water the flowers, clean the volcanoes

Yves Grossmann (MPDL): “Sharing Data Openly is a Journey, not a Race (MPG limited access)

Elisa Bastianello (Bibliotheca Hertziana): “Scholarly publishing and Open Access for SSH: the practices of the Bibliotheca  Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History

Zafan Zhang (MPI Empirical Aesthetics): “Learning to be FAIR: A Personal Journey in FAIR Practices and a Workshop on Pre-Registration

Georg Botz (MPG Administrative Headquaters): “Open Science at Max Planck

Chat Wacharamanotham: “Motivating research transparency in Human-Computer Interaction

PhD-Net: “General Information

Do you want to know more about the Open Science Ambassadors? You can find more information about the program, its goals and upcoming events on the Open Science Ambassadors website.